Planning For the Future With Modular

Buying a house is usually part of a plan for your future. It is also one of the biggest decisions you will make in your lifetime and one of the largest purchases you’ll ever make. That being said, you want to be sure that you are making the right decision for your future and the future of your family, in more ways than one. River Valley Builders is here to help with that!

The Value of Modular

There are varying opinions regarding the choice between modular homes and on-site built. Some may be thinking about the future of the home’s resale value, potential buyers and how its modular status will affect these things.

Modular homes are considered a permanent property (unlike mobile homes) and are in fact expected to appreciate rather than depreciate. Of course there are many determining factors in a home’s appreciation or depreciation besides whether it is a modular home or not. The economy, the neighborhood in which the home is placed, and home maintenance are all things that can affect the value of a home, regardless of the type. Therefore, you can rest assured that choosing a modular home will afford you the same resale value as an on-site built home.

The Environmental Future

Modular homes are known to be a green building choice, meaning they are more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. If you’ve read our last blog post “The Benefits of Choosing a Modular Home” you already know that recycling building materials is a big deal to us. Producing modular homes means much less waste than a stick built home (on-site build) because they are adhering to protocols within a factory setting to control these aspects of the building process.

You should also know that modular homes are very energy efficient because of the way they are built. Rather than just nails, modular homes use screws and glue in the building process to make the home sturdier for transportation. Because of this, there are tighter seals and more space for insulation, making your new modular home more energy efficient than its counterpart, the stick built home, making energy costs much cheaper. That means that your home is green while you save green.

The Cost Comparison

There are of course a lot of options to weigh when deciding whether to go modular or stick-built. One of the largest factors in that decision is cost. We are here to give you simple facts and nothing less so that you may make that decision informed and confident. Here are some simple fact comparisons:

  • Taxes are the same on both modular homes and site-built homes.
  • Insurance premiums are the same on modular and site-built.
  • Home loans on modulars are the same as on site-built homes.
  • Modular home build time is very fast, which means you skip any loan interest and costly delays that are almost always associated with site-built.

With these facts outlined, you can put your worries and misinformation about modular to rest. You can save yourself the stress of comparing these details because we’ve done the work for you. After all, we are here to make this life-changing decision a fun and rewarding one.

Planning For the Future

Wrapping it all up in a neat little nutshell, you can see that we’ve debunked the myth that modular homes depreciate in value, given you definitive proof that modular homes are greener, safer and more energy efficient, and shown you that the detail costs break even while the overall cost is cheaper. You can rest assured that you are informed and can make an educated decision right for you, your family, and the environment.

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