Eco-Conscious Customers are at Home with River Valley Builders

Today’s home buyers are seeking out eco-friendly homes in addition to their other efforts to go green including energy efficient appliances, hybrid cars, energy efficient lighting, and recycling. They are even willing to sacrifice square footage in order to use less building materials and have a home that consumes less energy. Our team at River Valley Builders keeps every build environmentally friendly, and can help you choose a floorplan to do your part for the environment.

Recycling Materials

Our team exhausts every effort to keep our homes safe for the environment. We know exactly what materials are needed for our floorplans, reducing the amount of waste materials. We also use less energy during construction because our homes are built quickly within our factory. Our building process makes it easier to recycle unused materials as compared to traditional on-site built homes, which can often involve a lot of waste materials not being properly recycled. Our leftover materials aren’t exposed to the elements which can cause damage. Therefore they can be recycled for future homes.

Energy Efficient

Our building process gives you the ability to make your new home energy efficient. This enhanced efficiency in manufactured homes is achieved with upgraded levels of insulation and more efficient heating and cooling systems. Not only are these efforts better for the environment, but they also provide another source of savings for homeowners in this era of rising energy costs. Smart buyers are also turning to EnergyStar-labeled manufactured homes for substantial savings in many aspects of their home. You can be sure that a modular home from River Valley Builders will not only be your dream home, but will be energy and cost-effective as well.

Our modular homes are highly customizable, offering a wide variety of floorplans and amenities to be as friendly for the environment as possible. Contact us today at River Valley Builders to find a sustainable modular home that is perfect for you and the environment.

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