Why Choose Modular This Winter Season?

Winter is right around the corner, but the unpredictable weather will not stop River Valley Builders from building our beautiful, quality modular homes. While most traditional builders are taking a break, we will be hard at work. Thinking about planning for your new home? Here are three reasons why a modular home is the best choice for this winter season.

Avoid the Damaging Weather.

The most obvious, but important, reason for building a modular home in the winter is that our process is done indoors, therefore avoiding potentially damaging weather. Despite the cold and snow, your home will be safely completed in our facility. Wet and changing temperatures do not mix well with untreated wood, and can be very damaging to homes constructed in these conditions. When you choose River Valley Builders, you can rest assured that your home will be prepared indoors and away from the harmful weather.

Be at the top of the list.

Finding a contractor who is not already fully booked during the warmer months can be very difficult. By using our team at River Valley Builders during the winter, you have the opportunity to bypass others who could have been before you in the production process; meaning no wait time!

Get ahead of the game.

Our crew is able to work all year round to give you the best quality modular homes. You can be assured that your home will be protected from any weather condition, and will be completed much faster than a traditionally built home. Constructing your home during the winter months will allow you to get a head start so you will be able to enjoy your brand-new space during the warm spring months.

Contact our team at River Valley Builders to build your home this winter season!

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