Choosing New Appliances for a Modular Home

There is a large amount of preliminary planning that is involved with building a modular home. One of the plus sides to this is that you are less susceptible to unforeseen and costly changes. However, it can often be difficult planning for everything, especially something as minor as home appliances. Fortunately, our team at River Valley Builders has a list of things to keep in mind when preparing for your future modular home.

Size Requirements

The range of options for appliances is greater than it has ever been. Manufacturers are constantly coming up with different ways to change and improve products, which often changes the size of the product. Your modular plan will provide enough space for a standard sized appliance, but if you are planning for a taller, wider, or deeper appliance, you need to make your manufacturer aware.

To avoid any issues with size requirements, you can always shop for your home appliances before you sign off on the manufacturers plan. This way, you will be able to know the exact measurements that are required, including electrical and gas hook-ups.

Another way to avoid this issue is to have your manufacturer inform you of the standard space and hook-ups that will be provided. This will give you more time to find appliances that will fit perfectly into your modular floor plan.

Easy Access

Something else to consider when choosing appliances is accessibility. Make sure they are in a place where they can be easily utilized. For example, if you have a small area for laundry, a stackable washer and dryer are a good option to save space. If you are using a front loading washer and dryer, make sure there is enough space in front to open the doors.

For more information about new home appliances for your modular home, contact our team at River Valley Builders.

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