Build Green with Modular Homes

At River Valley Builders sustainability matters – we understand the importance of utilizing the highest-quality materials in each home we build but strive to do so using the most environmentally-friendly approach possible. In this day in age, when building or buying a home there are a countless number of options when choosing to “go green.” From minimizing your utility bills with solar energy to reducing your carbon footprint with recycling materials—the list goes on and building modular stands tall with its competitors, deeming more cost-effective and efficient than conventional construction.

Here are 3 Ways Modular Construction is Greener for YOU and the Planet:

  1. Tighter Construction = More Energy Efficient

Say goodbye to loose leaks and drafts – with River Valley Builders strict building practices and expert construction teams, our modular homes are built with efficient use of insulation and precise, tightly sealed framing to regulate comfortable temperatures throughout every room. This not only makes our homes more efficient, but also saves you money.

  • Less Wasted Materials

Waste control is one of the greatest benefits of modular construction. Due to our specific floorplan measurements, we know exactly what materials are needed and prepare accordingly to meet those requirements. This causes a decrease in excess and wasted jobsite materials. In fact, because our homes are built in factory, recycling unused materials from project to project is easier than ever before. So, if and when unused materials arise, our centralized construction site allows us to remain resourceful in areas where traditional construction typically burdens landfill space.

  • Technology Efficiency

Building a home requires a lot of energy, which is released in the form of CO2 and other emissions into the air. However, because construction of modular buildings occurs simultaneously with site work, projects can be completed in half the time of traditional construction. At River Valley Builders, our building process is fast and efficient to reduce the environmental impact per building. Due to technology efficiency, we save on labor and time without sacrificing quality.

Planet Earth is everyone’s home, and River Valley Builders is doing their part in preserving that. Contact us today at 570.374.7823 or to find a sustainable modular home that is perfect for you and the environment.

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