3 Popular Modular Home Myths

Throughout the evolution of modular home building, stigmas continue to circulate around the quality they bring to the customer. While there are plenty of assumptions made regarding modular construction, River Valley Builders is here to help you learn and retain the facts. Here are the Top Three Modular Home Myths that we’re putting to rest:

  1. Modular Homes are “Cheap”— While building modular is typically more cost-effective and efficient, that by no means reduces the quality of the building materials or the overall construct of the home. In fact, modular homes are built with the same firm, durable materials as any stick-build home – the only difference is that they’re built in a weather-controlled environment rather than on-site. At River Valley Builders, our modular home building process is very straightforward. Our modular homes are built with quality and consistency from the factory to your lot. You can rest assured that our building materials meet the highest standards, and our quality assurance process is the best in the business.
  2. All Modular Homes Look the Same— Unfortunately, many people picture small, cookie-cutter homes after hearing the word “modular,” but this couldn’t be further from the truth. While River Valley Builders offer sample floorplan designs to inspire customers, in no way is that inhibiting their creativity to customize! Our team takes the time to establish exactly what plan is best for our customers based on their preferences, and when customization is needed, that’s not a problem. We work with you to achieve your dream house vision with no limits to customization, the highest quality building materials, and an in-house design team at your disposal. From concept to creation—our team is built to serve!
  3. Modular Home Construction Isn’t as Reliable as Stick-Built Construction— We saved the biggest myth for last, as many homeowners worry about a modular home’s integrity versus stick-built construction. Let us break it down for you: stick-built homes are 100% built on-site, while modular homes are built off-site and then assembled on your land. The reason modular home construction is completed off-site is so our builders don’t experience delays or setbacks in the building process. This means faster turnaround times, and a simple building timeline for our customers to follow. Understandably, some homeowners still lend concern that modular homes can’t live up to the natural wear and tear that all houses’ face. However, a modular home is, without a doubt, durable and reliable enough to last. What many people forget is that modular homes are built durable enough to withstand highway distribution from our factory to your building site, which should not be taken lightly. At River Valley Builders, we design and construct all our homes to last, so you and your family can enjoy your home for a lifetime.

If you want to learn all the facts and more about our modular homes, schedule a consultation with our team! Our designers are more than happy to assist you throughout the process and teach you more about River Valley Builders – Susquehanna Valley’s Premiere Modular Home Builders. Call us today at 570.374.7823.

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