Is Modular Home Building Our “New Normal?”

After nearly two years, our global public health crisis has confirmed the urgent demand for a new, more reliable way of building. With on-site construction sectors coming to a drastic halt due to stay-at-home orders, material shortages, and labor inefficiency, the industry stands in a unique position when gauging the future. Although it would be naive to declare that the COVID-19 pandemic has single-handedly changed the construction sector forever, at River Valley Builders, it has given a glimpse of what is possible when unprecedented matters provide significant, time-dependent challenges. Throughout this difficult time, construction has played a critical role in our nation’s recovery, from the building of hospitals in a matter of days to donating lifesaving equipment. Now, as building sites all over the world gradually re-open after lockdown, it’s becoming increasingly clear that construction will continue to shift off-site after COVID-19.

One positive economic side-effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has been a decrease in the amount of greenhouse gases and other pollutants due to reduced levels of industrial activity. This ties to one of the biggest emerging trends pre-pandemic, from a housebuilding and environmental perspective—the rise of Modern Methods of Construction (MMCs), which inevitably includes modular home building. At River Valley Builders, sustainability and efficiency matter to us and our customers. Our modular homes are built with quality and consistency from the factory to your lot. Building in controlled environments makes even more sense in a world that requires close management of the movement and interaction or workforces. Such rationale further strengthens the case for off-site construction, beyond the existing value and speed benefits. River Valley Builders construction’s energy efficiency, streamlined process, quality control, and well-built final product make it a wise option to consider when you’re in the market for a new residential or commercial building.

As demand for high-quality housing is continuing to rise post-lockdown, especially in cities, the question continues: how do we move forward in an efficient, sustainable, and environmentally sound way? Our answer is: the future is modular. We expect to see contractors gradually push construction off-site and join us in expanding their range of prefabricated assemblies. MMCs provide a neat solution to the speedy delivery of high-quality, affordable housing demand whilst addressing ongoing environmental concerns. At River Valley Builders, our building process is fast and efficient to reduce the environmental impact per building. Due to technology efficiency and waste control, we save on labor, time, and materials without sacrificing quality. If you want to learn all the facts and more about our modular homes, schedule a consultation with our team! Our designers are more than happy to assist you throughout the process and teach you more about River Valley Builders – Susquehanna Valley’s Premiere Modular Home Builders. Call us today at 570.374.7823.

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