Can Modular Homes Be Built During Winter?

Historically throughout construction, winter weather has hindered the home building process, but thanks to modern modular technology advancements throughout the years this is no longer the case. At River Valley Builders, our team has the expertise to deliver the home of your dreams, along with a stress-free, hassle-free building experience no matter what time of the year. Here’s why the change in seasons doesn’t affect our convenient, cost-effective building process:

  1. Off-Site Construction—As Susquehanna Valley’s most trusted modular homebuilder, River Valley Builders understands the importance of taking special care with each home we build. Our modular homes are built with quality and consistency from a climate-controlled, factory-setting by our master craftsmen all year long. Rather than being built on site, each section or “module” of your home is built separately in our weather-proof environment to protect materials from undesirable winter weather conditions before being shipped to your lot. We believe a qualified modular construction company accommodates throughout all seasons, which is why we are devoted to serving all our customers on their desired schedule.
  • Speedy Assembly—Since modular homes are built within the walls of a factory, assembly of the home occurs while the site’s excavation and foundation are being constructed. Combining these two steps greatly speeds up the assembly process. Whether you’re looking for a custom modular builder or would prefer one of our standard floor plan designs, River Valley Builders will work with you to design and deliver the modular home you’ve always wanted on a timeline you can trust. First, we work with you to determine your vision. Next, we develop a 2D rendering of your new modular home. Finally, our master craftsmen begin construction, and when construction is completed, we drop-ship, place, and finish your brand-new, turn-key home. It’s that easy!
  • Lower Building Cost—The benefits of modular homes don’t stop at efficiency. Modular construction provides a convenient, cost-effective option as well! The process of assembling in a factory results in stable, predictable pricing due to the preservation of materials and use of efficient technology. At River Valley Builders, sustainability matters and because waste control is one of the greatest benefits of modular construction, we know exactly what materials are needed and prepare accordingly to meet those requirements! This saves you money and the planet its natural resources!

Modular home building is the future of residential construction. If you want to learn all the facts and more about our modular homes, schedule a consultation with our team! Our designers are more than happy to assist you throughout the process and teach you more about River Valley Builders – Susquehanna Valley’s Premiere Modular Home Builders. Call us today at 570.374.7823.

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