Green Building and Modular Sustainability

Green building, when combined with modular construction, allows for a better-built environment. At River Valley Builders, we strive to maintain this green-friendly approach which involves improving the way homes and homebuilding sites use energy, water, and materials to reduce impacts on human health and the planet. While all modular homes are more green than traditional site-built homes due to the nature of the factory construction process, green building is taking it a step further by not only minimizing the environmental impact of the home while it is being built, but over the lifetime it will be lived in.  

At River Valley Builders, we understand the importance of utilizing the highest-quality materials in each modular home but strategize to take the most environmentally friendly approach possible. Sustainable modular builders, like ourselves, excel in contribution to conservation, efficiency, human health, and comfort! Beginning with our specific floorplan measurements, we know exactly what materials are needed and prepare accordingly to meet those requirements. This decreases the amount of wasted materials from jobsite to jobsite. From there, River Valley Builders professionally utilize insulation and precise, tightly sealed framing throughout all modular homes to regulate temperatures throughout every room and therefore provide energy efficiency, and lower operating costs for the homeowner. In addition, our technology efficiency plays a big role in our green building initiative, because modular building and site work occur simultaneously. Our building process is fast and efficient—therefore reducing the CO2 emissions and overall environmental impact per building overall!

As you plan for your new home, there are countless details to take into consideration, why not make the Earth one of them! At River Valley Builders, we ship, place, and finish your brand-new, move-in ready customized dream home without compromising the future of our planet. If you want to learn all the facts and more about modular green building with us, schedule a consultation with our team! Our designers are more than happy to assist you and teach you more about Susquehanna Valley’s Premiere Modular Home Builders. Call us today at 570.374.7823.

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