Retire in a Custom-Built Modular Home

When retirement is right around the corner most people decide it is time to downsize. Having a large home means a large amount of upkeep and care that can be too much for some seniors. Besides, who wants to spend their retirement taking care of their home or yard? There’s no better time to start fresh. That’s where River Valley Builders comes in! Modular homes are the perfect answer to retirees looking to start fresh with a home that fits their lifestyle. Although some believe they differ greatly from traditional stick-built homes, the truth is they offer the same benefits with customizable modular home floor plans.

With modular homes you don’t have to worry about any renovations or DIY projects. Save your time for hobbies and traveling like a real retiree, not re-tiling an existing bathroom. Modular homes are brand new and customized to be exactly how you want it and still allow you to be homeowners.

With these customized manufactured homes in mind, you’re also able to adapt to a senior lifestyle during retirement. Leave the stairs behind and choose a single floor modular home design, wider doors and entryways, and any other adaptive items and amenities you might need such as shower handrails. You decide the number of rooms, floor plan, and square footage too, so there’s no more needing to move through a maze of a house when you choose a manufactured home. Plus, when you’re looking to sell the property will be great real estate for the next retiring couple to move in.

Not only will downsizing save your back, but it will save you on energy costs! By only needing to heat or cool a smaller space you’ll cut your utility bill down. Modular homes can reduce this bill even more because they are specially built to be as efficient as possible and are airtight sealed.

The money savings sound convincing, but we know you are probably concerned about how long you’ll have to wait for a Modular home to be built. This is one of the biggest benefits to choosing Modular because they have a much shorter construction time than traditional homes. If you were thinking “fixer-upper” preowned homes were going to be quicker, you may be wrong. The time it will take you or a hired professional to finish your renovations might equal or be longer than the time it takes to build a custom Modular home. Still not convinced? Give River Valley Builders, your trusted modular home manufacturer, a call today at 570.374.RVB3 (7823) to talk about what we can do for you and your future plans for retirement. We want to get to know you and your needs, so the process and end result is everything you want. Building your retirement destination is important, so don’t settle for anything less than perfect!

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