Eco-Conscious Customers are at Home with River Valley Builders

Today’s home buyers are seeking out eco-friendly homes in addition to their other efforts to go green including energy efficient appliances, hybrid cars, energy efficient lighting, and recycling. They are even willing to sacrifice square footage in order to use less building materials and have a home that consumes less energy. Our team at River Valley Builders keeps every build environmentally friendly, and can help you choose a floorplan to do your part for the environment.

Recycling Materials

Our team exhausts every effort to keep our homes safe for the environment. We know exactly what materials are needed for our floorplans, reducing the amount of waste materials. We also use less energy during construction because our homes are built quickly within our factory. Our building process makes it easier to recycle unused materials as compared to traditional on-site built homes, which can often involve a lot of waste materials not being properly recycled. Our leftover materials aren’t exposed to the elements which can cause damage. Therefore they can be recycled for future homes.

Energy Efficient

Our building process gives you the ability to make your new home energy efficient. This enhanced efficiency in manufactured homes is achieved with upgraded levels of insulation and more efficient heating and cooling systems. Not only are these efforts better for the environment, but they also provide another source of savings for homeowners in this era of rising energy costs. Smart buyers are also turning to EnergyStar-labeled manufactured homes for substantial savings in many aspects of their home. You can be sure that a modular home from River Valley Builders will not only be your dream home, but will be energy and cost-effective as well.

Our modular homes are highly customizable, offering a wide variety of floorplans and amenities to be as friendly for the environment as possible. Contact us today at River Valley Builders to find a sustainable modular home that is perfect for you and the environment.

Single-Story Ranch Plans: A Homeowner’s Dream Come True

More and more homeowners are falling in love with River Valley Builders’ collection of ranch style house plans. Our open layouts and versatile plans open the door to countless opportunities for customization.

One of our most popular ranch home plans is the Charles, which we selected as the plan for our model home. Stop by at 10 Paramount Road in Selinsgrove to view this amazing plan with lots of upgrades including custom tile master bath, quartz counter tops, hardwood flooring, exterior stonework, and so much more! You have to see it to believe it! Can’t stop by, no problem! We invite you to take a virtual tour of Charles. Experience the true beauty of modular as you ‘walk through’ the Charles floorplan.

We offer various other ranch style house plans. Let’s take a look at Pine Grove, a beautifully spacious ranch style home. Oftentimes our customers have the misconception that ranch homes are small with basic layouts and amenities. That couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, many of our ranch homes are actually larger than traditional two-story homes. Pine Grove has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and plenty of space to gather together in the large living room that leads into the dining room/kitchen. An open dining/kitchen area matches a large living room, adding a sense of openness. The master bedroom also has an en suite bathroom and two walk-in-closets! The attractively sophisticated Pine Grove has a floorplan that wastes no space



Another ranch style home with an open floorplan is Glen Oak. This space is an eye catching four-bedroom three-bathroom home that’s perfect for a family. With a sizable living room opening up into the kitchen and dining room, it is a wonderful space to relax and spend time together. Other amenities include a walk in closet, utility room, and the option to attach a garage.



Contact us today at River Valley Builders to find a ranch style house that is perfect for you. We offer hundreds of customization options to help your build your own ranch home!


The Versatility and Value of Modular.

At River Valley Builders, we’ve seen a shift in what many new homeowners need and want. Thanks to our diverse floorplan offerings and ability to customize every step of the way, we are able to deliver precisely what our customers look for in a new home.

In fact, we have seen more and more younger individuals and couples seek out smaller, more modest designs. One great floorplan is Independence III. It is a single story home with three bedrooms and one bathroom. The 955 square foot has everything a small family would want! This home features a covered porch, a fireplace, and a garage. This home is a perfect example of a more modest design that still includes many luxuries.

Another home with a more modest design is Barclay. Barclay is a beautiful and simplistic home. This 1,315 square foot home offers maximum convenience with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. This home also has a small front porch and a fireplace. Though it may be compact, it is extremely efficient.

These more modest designs typically offer the same amenities that some of our larger floor plans offer, just a little more compact. Younger generations are becoming more and more inclined to reduce their carbon footprint, which is why a modular home is already a great option. However, choosing a more compact design requires less building materials, less space to heat and cool, and uses less electricity. If you are interested in learning more benefits of choosing a modular home, check out our blog post The Benefits of Choosing a Modular Home.

We offer various different floorplans ranging from more modest to more elaborate designs. No matter what size home you are searching floor, our team at River Valley Builders is here to design your dream home! Contact us today to get started!

Choosing the Perfect Floorplan

Planning a new home is an exciting time! As you embark on this monumental journey, finding the ideal floorplan is the natural place to begin. Let’s get started!

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best floorplan for your future modular home. We organized some of the most important factors to consider when making your decision. Your home should be a reflection of who you are, your lifestyle, and your needs. We hope this is a great starting point to your planning process!

  1. Size: One of the first aspects to consider when choosing your floorplan is size. Whether you are choosing a home for your family, or are planning on expanding in the future, size is a crucial element of a home. The first step is to decide whether you want a one-story or a two-story floorplan. For some homeowners, a two-story design offers much-needed privacy and the space to spread out. For others, sprawling a single-story layout provides simplicity and ease. One of the most exciting things about building a new home is that you can select the plan that suits your needs and your lifestyle. Thanks to the versatility of modular, one-story designs can yield just as much square footage as two-story options. Thus, the variety is limitless!
  2. Number of Bedrooms: Choosing how many bedrooms you would like in your home is also very important when considering floorplans. Having an extra bedroom is always beneficial because it can be used for many different purposes: a future child’s bedroom, a place for guests, an office, or even an at-home gym! Most of our floorplans have between two and four bedrooms, offering many different options to find your perfect amount of space.
  3. Number of Bathrooms: When deciding on the number of bathrooms you need, consider your family size, schedules, and interests. For example, how many people will be getting ready to head out for work or school at the same time? In many cases, an extra bathroom could mean a more relaxed morning atmosphere. Many homeowners enjoy a master bedroom with the privacy of an en suite bathroom. Remember to think about how your family might grow over the years so you are prepared in advance for what necessities you may like to have in the future.
  4. Garage: Having a garage is a popular feature included in many of our standard floorplans. Besides being a place to park your car, a garage adds extra storage and makes carrying in groceries much easier! Attached garages are a top pick, especially for families with children and during poor weather conditions. Simply pulling into your garage and entering your home without stepping into the pouring rain is a major plus!
  5. Location: The location of your home is another aspect that can influence the floorplan you choose. If the land where you will be placing your modular home has a beautiful view or gets a great deal of natural sunlight, you may choose a floorplan with several windows.

Unsure what floorplan is right for you? No problem! Our team can help you with any customizations you would like – that’s the benefit of modular! Contact us today to find your dream home!

3 Tips for Choosing the Best Location for Your Modular Home

After choosing your perfect modular home design and piece of land, you must decide how you want your home positioned on the site. Positioning will differ for each location, which can often make this process challenging because it is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Here are a few helpful tips to assist you with your decision.

  1. Easy Access: When choosing a site, try to select a spot that has easy access to the road. This is not only cost-effective when installing a driveway, but will also make it easier for your home to be delivered and installed!
  2. Focal Point: If your new piece of land offers any views, definitely position your home where you will be able to enjoy them every day. Having a good view can offer additional value to your home and make the overall atmosphere even more enjoyable. Including a deck, patio, or large windows with your design can also help make the most of your view.
  3. Positioning of Your Home: If possible, try and face your main living areas (living room, kitchen) toward the north. This will allow you to gain the maximum amount of natural sunlight in the rooms that are most often used. This is also beneficial during cold winter days by letting the sun warm up these rooms, which can save money on your heating bill as well!

Although all of these tips are not able to be implemented with each individual house, hopefully you will be able to utilize at least one. Once your modular home has been placed on the foundation, it is a permanent structure. Keep these tips in mind when picking your ideal location. Our team at River Valley Builders is always available to help with any questions or concerns you may have during this process!

Planning For the Future With Modular

Buying a house is usually part of a plan for your future. It is also one of the biggest decisions you will make in your lifetime and one of the largest purchases you’ll ever make. That being said, you want to be sure that you are making the right decision for your future and the future of your family, in more ways than one. River Valley Builders is here to help with that!

The Value of Modular

There are varying opinions regarding the choice between modular homes and on-site built. Some may be thinking about the future of the home’s resale value, potential buyers and how its modular status will affect these things.

Modular homes are considered a permanent property (unlike mobile homes) and are in fact expected to appreciate rather than depreciate. Of course there are many determining factors in a home’s appreciation or depreciation besides whether it is a modular home or not. The economy, the neighborhood in which the home is placed, and home maintenance are all things that can affect the value of a home, regardless of the type. Therefore, you can rest assured that choosing a modular home will afford you the same resale value as an on-site built home.

The Environmental Future

Modular homes are known to be a green building choice, meaning they are more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. If you’ve read our last blog post “The Benefits of Choosing a Modular Home” you already know that recycling building materials is a big deal to us. Producing modular homes means much less waste than a stick built home (on-site build) because they are adhering to protocols within a factory setting to control these aspects of the building process.

You should also know that modular homes are very energy efficient because of the way they are built. Rather than just nails, modular homes use screws and glue in the building process to make the home sturdier for transportation. Because of this, there are tighter seals and more space for insulation, making your new modular home more energy efficient than its counterpart, the stick built home, making energy costs much cheaper. That means that your home is green while you save green.

The Cost Comparison

There are of course a lot of options to weigh when deciding whether to go modular or stick-built. One of the largest factors in that decision is cost. We are here to give you simple facts and nothing less so that you may make that decision informed and confident. Here are some simple fact comparisons:

  • Taxes are the same on both modular homes and site-built homes.
  • Insurance premiums are the same on modular and site-built.
  • Home loans on modulars are the same as on site-built homes.
  • Modular home build time is very fast, which means you skip any loan interest and costly delays that are almost always associated with site-built.

With these facts outlined, you can put your worries and misinformation about modular to rest. You can save yourself the stress of comparing these details because we’ve done the work for you. After all, we are here to make this life-changing decision a fun and rewarding one.

Planning For the Future

Wrapping it all up in a neat little nutshell, you can see that we’ve debunked the myth that modular homes depreciate in value, given you definitive proof that modular homes are greener, safer and more energy efficient, and shown you that the detail costs break even while the overall cost is cheaper. You can rest assured that you are informed and can make an educated decision right for you, your family, and the environment.

The Benefits of Choosing a Modular Home

modular home

Why Choose a Modular Home?

There are many benefits to choosing a modular home rather than a traditional site-built home. Some of these benefits include:

  • Reduced Building Time & A Safer Alternative
  • Cost-Effective
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Wider Variety of Options
  • Better Quality Construction
  • Energy Efficient
Reduced Building Time & A Safer Alternative

Because our modular homes are built within a climate-controlled facility, you never have to worry about weather-related delays or problems in the building process. This also ensures that the materials used to build your home will never be wet and it eliminates worries of mold on building materials. This coupled with our skilled and experienced team means your home can be built quickly without compromising quality.


Because of the lack of delays in building due to weather or cost overrun due to “no-show” sub contractors, you can rest assured that you won’t have these surprise costs as are common with traditional site building. You may also save money on your financing because there is reduced construction time and therefore, reduced construction-related interest on your loan.

Environmentally Friendly

Recycling unused materials, River Valley Builders keeps every build environmentally friendly. With traditional on-site building, there can be a lot of waste associated with the building process. We do our part for the environment and recycle those materials. You can be confident that your getting a quality home, built with quality products of which can then be repurposed for the good of the environment.

Wider Variety of Options

When you choose a modular home, you have a wide variety of options. From the home design, to the floorplan choices and customization, you have choices. River Valley Builders can offer you more with your modular home build than any traditional on-site build. We are flexible and take value in your personality and tastes to make the perfect home for you and your family.

Better Quality Construction

Our modular homes are built within a warehouse and need to be transported to the home site. Because of this, we take every assurance that each modular home we build is stable and structurally sound. You never have to worry about the stability or quality of your home in any step of the process.

Energy Efficient

Because of the way that modular homes are built, there is much more opportunity to make your new home energy efficient. With a greater space for more insulation and the top-notch materials used in building, you can be sure that a modular home from River Valley Builders will not only be beautiful, but energy efficient and cost-effective.

In Conclusion

As you can see, choosing a modular home build is an all around better bet. For your wallet, for your family, and for your piece of mind. Thank you for considering River Valley Builders! Contact us today to make your dreams come true.


River Valley Builders: Offering Customization In Every Step


At River Valley Builders, we want your new home to be an expression of you and your family. We offer customization options throughout every step of your home-building process. From counter tops to floors, wall colors to faucet selections, our goal is for you to feel at home from the very first time you walk into your completed home.

What Are Your Options?

From simple ranch styles to luxurious beach-style homes, you have countless options to customize the home of your dreams. Do you love a particular home style but wish you could change around a few minor floorplan details? No problem! Many of our designs have flexible floorplan options. If you’re looking for specific materials to be used such as granite countertops or a more budget-friendly choice, you can rest assured that all of the products and materials you choose for your new home will be high quality and the best in the business.

We pride ourselves in providing beautiful homes built with quality materials. We want you to be confident that your vision will become a reality with River Valley Builders. Building a new home is an exciting life event and we work hard to provide a stress-free process from start to finish. Building a modular home doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice individuality. With an array of detail choices, you’re sure to have a beautiful home that is uniquely yours, from the inside out.

Your questions, comments, and individuality are always welcome and are important in every step of the home-building process. Enjoy the process while our team and the excitement builds. Contact us today for more information on your customization options. Thank you for considering River Valley Builders!

Spring Open House Scheduled for April 27-29. Save the Date!

River Valley Builders is pleased to announce our Spring Open House set for Friday, April 27 through Sunday, April 29. Hosted at our brand-new model home located at 10 Paramount Road in Selinsgrove, PA, this event is an excellent way to learn more about River Valley Builders and experience, first-hand, the quality craftsmanship that goes into each home we build.

The doors of our model home will be open on Friday the 27th from 9am until 8pm, on Saturday, the 28th from 9am until 4pm, and Sunday, the 29th from 11am until 4pm. The model home is The Charles floorplan, which features a welcoming layout, open floorplan, custom tile master bath, quartz countertops, hardwood flooring, exterior stonework, and so much more!

Our design experts and building consultants will be on hand to answer your questions and introduce you to the many possibilities of modular construction. A number of our premier suppliers will also be available to show you the countless customization and personalization options available. Light refreshments will be served. We look forward to seeing you at our Spring Open House!

River Valley Builders adds a model home and design center in Selinsgrove

River Valley Builders is proud to announce the addition of our model home and design center located at 10 Paramount Road, Selinsgrove, across from Selinsgrove Ford!

Owner and modular home designer Daniel Stimely, a native of Lewistown who now lives in the Selinsgrove area with his family, has been in the modular home industry for more than 32 years. Stimely uses his modular building and design experience to help the customer obtain the home of their dreams while keeping their budget in mind.

“We have many things to offer a potential new home buyer like complete customization of design and brand name products as well as the speed to complete a home in less time without sacrificing quality,” says Stimely. “Whether you are looking for a modest home or a home with all the upgrades, River Valley Builders can meet your needs.”

The new model home features a custom tile master bath, quartz countertops, hardwood flooring and exterior stonework to show a potential new home buyer the many options available through River Valley Builders. Modular homes can be more affordable because of shorter build times, are energy efficient to save on monthly expenses and because they are built in a factory they can reduce delays caused by weather to cut down on build costs.

Stimely says, “We wanted to build this model home and design center to get more exposure to the Selinsgrove area and show the quality of our brand.”

River Valley Builders serves customers throughout the multi-county central Pennsylvania area. The model home is open Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., noon to 4 p.m. on Sunday and other times by appointment.  Stop by for a visit and let us design a custom modular home for your family!